1. The operator: S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L

LPG Warehouse Ploiești
Municipality of Ploiești, Bravu Street No 246, Prahova County
Phone: 0749016635 / 0374203490
Fax: 0344130980
E- mail: secretariat_Ploieș

2. People who report communicated information to the public:

Warehouse Leader
Tudorancea George
Phone No:

Responsible for Emergency and Environmental Protection:
Paun Octavian
Phone No:
E- mail:

3. The society falls into the category of “SEVESO II” according to the specificity of its activity and due to the nature and quantities of flammable hazardous substances used, the risk of accidents, damage, explosion and fire – liquefied gas.

Therefore, in order to comply with the provisions of GD 804/2007 “on the control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances”, the following legally required documents were prepared and submitted to the competent authorities:

  • Notification;
  • Security Report;
  • Internal Emergency Plan.

4. S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L. is located in the eastern part of the Municipality of Ploiești.

The main scope of the company is the unload, storage, LPG mixing (C3/C4) and delivery of LPG, butane, propane and propylene

The following functionalities are operating on site: loading / unloading, weighing (auto and CF), test laboratory.

5. Targeted hazardous substances that could lead to a major accident.

Substances used


Behavioral indicators


Highly flammable, asphyxiating

No smoking


Highly flammable, irritating

No smoking

LPG for vehicles

Highly flammable, irritating

No smoking


Highly flammable, asphyxiating

No smoking

6. The sources of danger that can be found within the warehouse are represented by the tank farm, the loading / unloading installation as well as CF and vehicle ramps.

The probability of occurrence of an accident is represented by the following: fires, explosions, releases of hazardous substances and equipment damage.

Causes of fires:

  • Product leaks or leaks from flanges;
  • ank rupture;

Explosions may be due to:

  • substantelor, produselor cu caracter exploziv;
  • incalzirii rezervorului;


  • different substances, explosives;
  • ank heating;

Damage caused by blast overpressure

Overpressure Damage


Loud noise, broken windows;


Light building damage;


Medium damaging of concrete buildings and metal constructions.


Human injury: mild trauma, bruises, tinnitus


Light damaging of the railway networks, medium damage to railway seals


Human injury: serious and very serious trauma


Light damage to overhead high voltage transmission power lines


Total damage to railway lines and gaskets


Human injury: certain death

The effect of thermal radiation

Heat Types of damage
2 It causes pain after a 1 minute exposure.
5 2nd degree burns caused by a 1 minute exposure.
12.5 Minimum energy to cause forest ignition by flame exposure. 1% deaths after 1 minute exposure, 1st degree burns to 10 seconds exposure.
25.0 100% deaths after 1 minute exposure, serious injury after 10 seconds of exposure.
37.5 Destruction of process equipment. 100% deaths from a 1 minute exposure, 1% deaths after a 10 seconds exposure.

The emission of hazardous substances depends on weather conditions, on the physicochemical properties of substances, and can cause irreversible damage to human life, wildlife, and vegetation.

7. The situations listed above may affect surrounding areas. In case of a major accident, the personnel and authorities with responsibilities in the field as well as other forces which might give aid are notified, according to the notification scheme implemented.

The alarm signal is triggered by siren, at the orders of the Warehouse Manager.

In the event of a major accident, ISU Prahova must be notified - Phone No 112.

DISASTER ALARM - signal duration: 2 minutes - 5 sounds of 16 seconds each with 10 seconds pauses in-between

ENDING OF ALARM - signal duration: 2 minutes of continuous sound

In case of damage produced in residential areas, the alarm is triggered from the Municipality alarm system at the orders of the county prefect.

Population notification is performed by public administration authorities on the basis of a notice received from relevant institutions, by specific audio and visual warning means: sirens, telecommunications systems, radio and television stations and networks.

In this situation, action is taken according to the External Emergency Plan.

8. Adequate information is provided by the Prahova Emergency Situations Inspectorate’s Notification Plan regarding the actions that the targeted population needs to undertake, as well as the behavior they should adopt in the event of a major accident. ISU Prahova notifies the population about the event and broadcasts behaviour rules through loudspeakers, and organizes and manages population evacuation.

In the event of a major accident, the following actions should be undertaken by the affected population:

  • to leave the affected area and to find places that provide protection, in the nearest buildings, to stop ventilation, to seal all air input areas (windows, doors);
  • to inform the authorities  about imminent events or the production of any unconventional situation which should be taken into account, through any means, including by telephone, number 112;
  • to avoid blocking intervention / access roads towards the affected area for emergency situations specialized authorities, in order to limit and eliminate the effects of explosion / fire in the LPG warehouse.
  • to listen to the radio stations in order to learn and follow instructions;
  • to allow, where appropriate, access to intervention authorities and emergency means on site and on private properties;
  • to provide individual means of protection, first aid kits;
  • no smoking, do not use sources of fire, risk of explosion;
  • wash in case of skin irritation, and if possible, change your clothes if you have been touched by a toxic cloud;
  • to accept the measures taken and brought to the attention of the population by the appropriate authorities;
  • if there is a civil protection shelter available nearby, people should immediately seek to enter it and close the watertight doors
  • leaving the buildings and shelters will be made only after notification by specialized authorities through the "Alarm termination" signal or other specific notification media.

9. Through the Security Report and the Internal Emergency Plan, S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L has the obligation to take specific action measures in case of major accidents and to limit their consequences.

A contract has been concluded regarding fire prevention and its extinguishing with S.C. FIREPROOF TEAM S.R.L.

In case of emergencies, S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L will notify and maintain contact with ISU at the phone no 112 and with SPSU belonging to S.C. FIREPROOF TEAM S.R.L at the phone no: 0244 / 504 100 or 0244/ 504 200, and then send a fax notification according to Order 1084/2003, towards local public authorities with responsibilities in the field of civil, environmental, and labor protection, public administration and health.

The Quality Management System implemented by the company, includes a procedure and instruction system for safe equipment installation handling, a planning of equipment maintenance, organized staff training and special training for emergency situations, and a system for measurement and registration.

For environmental protection, safety and health of employees and of the population living in surrounding areas, the Ploiești LPG Warehouse, S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L is equipped with:

  • Gas detectors;
  • 3 lines of spraying (at the CF ramp - two lines of spraying, Vehicle Ramp);
  • Audio alarm system;
  • 3 exterior hydrants;
  • Portable P6 extinguishers and P50 roadway extinguishers;
  • Outdoor fire water tank - 300m3;

On site of S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L an Emergency Cell for prevention and emergency management is established and functional, ensuring coordination of human, material, financial and other resources necessary to restore normality and has the following attributes:

  • to inform the County Committee, through the Emergency Situations Inspectorate of Prahova County (operational center) on the occurrence of emergency situations;
  • to declare a state of alert at the level of the company;
  • to assess emergency situations produced, their impact on the administrative-territorial units, and to establish specific measures and actions, addressing them and following their fulfillment.
  • to manage the notification of employees in areas which may be affected;
  • to inform the City / County Emergency Situations Committee of the activities performed;
  • to ensure evacuation of employees and property from the affected areas.

10. The warehouse manager is the person appointed to establish a connection with the authorities responsible for the External Emergency Plan in the event of a major accident on site.

The External Emergency Plan ensures the organized intervention framework in case of a major accident in which all responsible structures will act.

The aim of applying the External Emergency Plan is the following:

  • reducing the impact on human health, on the quality of environmental factors, and preserving property integrity;
  • implementing measures and actions for protection and intervention in case of a major accident;
  • informing, notifying and rapidly evacuating the population;
  • establishing action procedures for off-site intervention forces.

During the operation, all affected personnel have the obligation to cooperate and follow the instructions / requests / recommendations of emergency services.

Instructions will be broadcasted through telecommunication systems, stations and radio and television networks, and it is recommended that the affected population should listen to their radios or TVs.

In case of a major accident, S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L shall immediately, according to the Order No 1084/2003, inform territorial authorities responsible for civil, environmental, and labor protection, government and health, by telephone and by drafting immediately or latest in the week following the accident, a document henceforth referred to as notification.

11. Additional information may be provided by:

Warehouse Manager: Tudorancea George - Phone: 0758022710
Security Manager: Paun Octavian - Phone: 0755748770

Prepared by,
Security Manager

Octavian Paun

Warehouse Manager
Tudorancea George



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