S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L Bucharest is part of the business of production and distribution of automotive fuels, namely LPG - alternative fuels to traditional ones.

S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L was established on the 1st of April 2002 with a subscribed and paid capital of 200 RON. Its share capital has been presently increased to 560.000 RON. Mr. Dan Baltacov and Mr. Dan Parau, principal associates, possess a rich experience in the field of petroleum products: Mr. Baltacov has been working in the field since 1996, and Mr. Parau since 1991. Their experience has immediately prompted the company as a market leader, each of the two partners owning 50% of the shares. On the 31st of December 2006, the company had a total of 82 permanent employees, and their number increased to 100 during 2007.

The company’s main activity is the production and distribution of LPG for vehicle products, as well as the marketing, supplying, transportation, installation and commissioning of SKID-type plants for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Since 2003, our company has begun implementing its own distribution network through the acquisition of land located in different parts of the country, and by opening its own independent LPG stations. Likewise, contracts have been signed for the installation and supply of small-size SKID installations for heating.

At present, the company serves 18 independent stations, 45 stations on a collaboration basis and 55 stations belonging to third parties. All stations served by Bulrom Gas are equipped with FAS-type LPG distribution installations (SKID). FAS is the European market leader for LPG storage and distribution solutions.

Since 2006 onwards, new contracts have been signed with various partners all over the country, particularly in the areas of Banat and Oltenia, which led to a 50% increase in sales in 2007, as compared to 2006.

The company purchases raw materials from both internal as well as foreign markets, and supplier selection is based on the principles of the company’s Quality Policy (major internal suppliers - Petrotel - Lukoil Romania SRL, SC Petrom SA - Arpechim, Petrobrazi, Turburea branches, SC Rafo SA- Onesti).

Ramp loading / unloading of LPG

The final product is delivered to distribution stations using company vehicles: 14 tankers (Mercedes, DAF, Volvo) equipped with modern systems for product quality maintenance, product unload and gas recovery in order to ensure a smooth and highly efficient supply.

The vehicles operated by the company are authorized and certified by all the competent forums (ISCIR IPROCHIM, RAR, and the Environmental Protection Agency) and are able to provide a high level of security during transportation, loading, unloading and environmental protection according to current laws.

Presently, a warehouse has been installed in Ploiești, as well as a decanting station in Craiova. Work has been started in Bals for the modernization of a LPG warehouse with 2 buried tanks. This will allow us to cover the South / South West area, as well to attract new local clients in an efficient manner.

Image from analysis laboratory

In 2006 the company undertook a major project, namely the opening of a laboratory for the analysis of petroleum products in the Ploiești Warehouse. All of this is aimed at achieving and maintaining a European standard of quality for products and services.

For railway transportation, the company holds in its possession a number of 21 boilers.

All these achievements have imposed BULROM Gas as a reliable partner on the market, which resulted in a market share of 14 percent. The objective for 2008 was the development and continuous improvement of the company, especially through the commissioning of at least 20 new stations for selling LPG for vehicles, both independently and in cooperation with partners, as well as entering new market areas such as in Transylvania and the purchase of 4 additional LPG transport tankers.

S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L, Ploiești, LPG Warehouse, deals with liquefied petroleum gas like butane (for stoves), LPG for vehicles, propylene, propane. The warehouse has four (4) horizontal vessels with a capacity of 200m3 each, thus being able to store up to 200t products. Up to 6 (cca.240t products) tankers can be maneuvered or stationed for unloading on the railways owned by the Warehouse. ISUJ Prahova and the Environmental Guard - Prahova County Commission inspects the Warehouse annually, issuing an audit report afterwards. After the 2009 audit, a number of measures have been established, which resulted in an increased degree of safety in the Ploiești Warehouse owned by S.C. BULROM GAS IMPEX S.R.L Bucharest. The established measures have been fully implemented and have consisted primarily of:

  • completion of the functioning policy of the Ploiești Warehouse
  • marking all control buttons outside the control cabinet and marking all gas detectors available in the warehouse
  • repainting the gas pipelines in colors stipulated by legal norms
  • ensuring rapid unloading capacity for storage tanks in case of need, by setting, on a daily basis, two (2) empty railway tanks in a predetermined place (at the end of the ramp)
  • marking the indicators used for tank foundation compaction, and conducting monthly measurements to detect possible displacements
  • placing a strong warning siren for cases of necessity
  • extending the fire protection assistance contract with Protector (based in Petrotel)
  • installation of an AC generator set to start automatically in the case of accidental interruption of power supply
  • staffing according to all three (3) shifts